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Dennis & Giselle @ Russia, Feb 2nd-16th, 2005 - Set 5

Our vacation took us thru 3 cities (Moscow, Ufa, & St. Petersburg) visiting numerous museums of art, science, & history; saw 3 theatre/ballet shows (Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Blue Danube); and 2 different circus shows; Red Square; palaces; cathedrals; castles; monuments; city walks; tours; and ice skating.  The transportation subway was very efficient (every 1 min), so we covered at least everything on Guzelle's planned itinerary. On 02/17/05 we were recovering from jet lag.  Our vacation ended evening of 02/17/05 with the L.A. Opera House @ Dorothy C. Pavilion (Romeo & Juliet).

(Below, Moscow's Red Square shopping plaza, the "GUM Department Store")

(Below, popular street Arbat to walk the promenade, center of Moscow.)

(Russian cuisine is healthy.  But after a while, I've got to have my McD's, below.)

(Below, at Ufa.)

(Below, ice sculptures saved by an outdoor temperature of -26C (-15 F).)

(Below, ice sculptures in front of an outdoor/indoor market.)

(Below, a visit to Giselle's school.  Surprise, her P.E. teacher points to the Wall of Fame.  She's a  Valedictorian for 10 straight years, grades 2-12, with 4.0 GPA, and graduated her high school at 17 y.o. in 1993.)

(Below, real snow flakes on Giselle's coat.)

(Below, Kremlin Park at Red Square.)

(Below, the longest escalator ride, Park Pobedy station in Moscow, 5 min)

(Below, Triumphant Arch).

(Below, here's a church that we slept in for 2 hours.  Any question, email me.)

(Below, tired and ready for bed.)

(Below, the entrance to the world famous Hermitage Museum of art.  We spent a whole day there and still couldn't finish it all.)

(Below, looking up Isaac Cathedral.)

(Below, Catherine's Palace in Pushkin, built in 2nd half of 18th century.)

(Below, taking the midnight sleeper train between cities.)

(Below, securities and airports.)

(Below, Russian snow girls for souvenirs.)

Some of my favorite things on this trip were: having Coca Cola start to freeze within minutes of just holding the bottle; seeing the active market places; feeling like a celebrity when I spoke English, it attracted curious attention; riding the fast public transportation; experiencing a different culture; having healthy food; staying at her friends and family's places; hearing a Russian tour guide speak fluent Chinese at the Hermitage Museum; all the sights, and experiencing the richness of art, music, and theatre (pure enjoyment); and of course being with Guzelle (we spent merely 336 hrs together), and both of us, loving every minute of it.

Special thanks to: Raisa, Olga, Lev, Guzel, Shamil, and Camille.

(Below, reality strikes back: piles of my mail I pick up at the P.O. on 02/17/05.)

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