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Dr. Dennis Yenn on set with the cast of ER.

As a huge fan of NBC's ER, I've always dreamt of being part of this TV drama.  Years ago I signed to be casted as an extra, but only got called for Felicity on WB.  Celebrity watch.

On Thurs 03/03/05, Giselle and I went to a private Warner Bros movie screening of "The Big White," staring Robin Williams, Holly Hunter, and Woody Harrelson.  While walking across the studio lots, I came across a sign "ER" in the backlot.  Tempted, I entered and saw the entire set of ER.  Then I stumbled into Paul McCrane (Dr. Robert Romano), who's now the director of the show.  We chatted and he asked what I do.  I told him I am a surgeon and then he personally invited me and my girlfriend to meet the cast and watch him direct some scenes.  The rest, below, Fri 03/04/05 is history,

(Below, Dr. Abby Lockhart played by Maura Tierney.)

(Below, Dr. Anspaw, chief of staff)

(Below, Giselle is more curious about film production & techniques.)

(Below, Trauma 1)

(Below, Trauma 2)

(Below, ssshhhh: lights, camera, and action.)

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